Homily – June 10th, 2014: Challenged to Evangelize

            Dear brothers and sisters, in our Gospel today the Lord speaks to us about our call to evangelize, essentially saying that if we do not, we are no better than salt that has lost its taste of saltiness.  What is done with something so worthless?  It is thrown out, and trampled upon.  This means that a life without sharing the Gospel is not a life worth living.  Jesus uses harsh words to describe Judas who gave into a worldly mindset, selling the Gospel (Jesus) for 30 pieces of silver.  Jesus said, “It would have been better had he never been born.” Image          

  We cannot be fooled, the Gospel is not always nice, but it is always loving.  If God was not challenging us to be holy and to take up our call to evangelize, it would mean that he has absolutely no faith in us to complete such a task.  In God’s eyes we are failures?  No.  God challenges us like a good coach because he sees potential.  One does not challenge a dead dog to bark or beg, it is impossible, and a waste of effort.  But when we read in scripture that Jesus challenges us, it is because of his incredible confidence in us. 

            Consider that he calls us a “light of the world.”  But if we hide that light, it is useless and rather silly.  What is the light or the beauty that we share?  It is the light of Christ burning in our hearts and souls and minds.  God is true beauty, and when we share him with others we are bestowing upon them an opportunity to experience true and lasting joy.  To be silent or inactive in the faith therefore becomes an act of neglect towards our brothers and sisters who starve for Bread from Heaven.

Would we not be out-raged if we encountered a crying baby who hungered, while witnessing the mother allowing her child to starve to death, being apathetic to the cry of the child?  Of course we would.  Why then are we not outraged when we see souls addicted to the sadness of sin, and the illusion of happiness in falsehood?  Are not matters of the soul far superior to matters of the stomach? Brothers and Sisters, Christ did not come to this earth to be anonymous, he came that we might know Him, and what a wonderful joy it is in our life to know Christ.  Only those who do not know Christ (other than perhaps as an ideology), would leave him anonymous and implicit.

            It has been said “Proclaim the Gospel, and use words if necessary.”  The quote is often attributed to St. Francis of Assisi.  But this is a lie.  St. Francis never said it, and if you disagree, prove me wrong and do your research.  The name of Jesus, has power when spoken from a person who genuinely has faith.  It heals, and moves hearts.  St. Francis of Assisi was often burning with passion to preach the Gospel, but few would listen (because he challenged them very directly).  He decided to preach to the Animals instead, and God honoured his preaching by instructing such animals to listen.  For St. Francis, preaching was an act of worship and thanksgiving, to honour God. 

How humbling it is for us to consider these things.  God challenges us because he loves us and has confidence in us, and our faith is made to be shared, so we might confidently bestow true happiness on others.  Without sharing our faith, without evangelization we cease to be true Christians.  Christians love Christ and only know to boast of Him. 

Perhaps we ought to ask ourselves:  what is it that I boast of most often?  The answer is important, because that is what we worship.

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  1. Very stirring words Father. Especially the last line. I will need to reflect on that one. God bless you in all that you do!

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