The New Evangelization: Evangelical Counsels Versus Ambiguity

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Fr. Pietraszko's Corner

I have been reflecting on my journey through the seminary and the question continues coming up from others who are somewhat suspect of the contemporary seminarians around the Western World. There are some who have been pushing a progressive theology that has developed in an autonomous way, not only disjunctive of the magisterium but also from the last two thousand years of tradition. Monstrance-04

Often times this type of progressive theology dwells in the realm of ambiguity, because if it does not explicitly or obviously contradict magisterial teaching it cannot be condemned easily. Ambiguity is probably one reality that has harmed the Church the most, and unlike many rigid Traditionalists, I do not believe it is the result of the Vatican II Council.

Vatican II is undoubtedly one of the greatest councils that has ever been introduced to the Church, but what people celebrate is not what it taught, but rather…

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